Facebook Ads for First-time Authors

Facebook Ads for First-time Authors

Facebook Ads Guide

Step-by-step guide to setup your first Facebook ad as a new author, curtesy of David Gaughran. If you’ve been holding back from running Facebook ads because you didn’t know where to start—NO LONGER!

What You’ll Learn

  1. The #1 Reason Why Most Facebook Ads Fail
  2. Building Your First Ad
  3. Three-Level Structure of Facebook Campaigns
  4. Training Facebook’s AI to find the right readers
  5. The hidden targeting settings which will make or break your ads
  6. Creating images to grab attention
  7. Writing ad text which will close the sale

Facebook Ads For Authors 2022

Detailed Ad Creation Tutorial

Extra Resources from David

[FACEBOOK ADS MANAGER] Some people have trouble finding where they can start advertising on Facebook. This link should see you right: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager


[BOOK COVER ADVICE] It’s almost impossible to get sales going for a book with the wrong cover. My guide to effective book cover design is here: https://davidgaughran.com/book-cover-design/


[DESIGN TOOLS FOR AUTHORS] This blog post will have links to all sorts of useful design resources for authors – all free https://davidgaughran.com/12-free-graphic-design-tools-authors/

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