You are only as strong as the fellow people who submit their wills to you. Never forget the value your business partners add to your business. Relationships are an irreplaceable commodity and failure to maintain them will result in a cascading failure.

The flip side is if you foster your network of peers, you will experience a compounding effect of returned of time.

The easiest and most common way to start this, is by paying someone for their time. However, this is not a long-term viable option. There will come a point where someone else is willing to pay that person more money.

How then do you maintain a relationship if it is predicated on money?

You are forced to spend more money, and your peer group becomes nothing more than a tally sheet of profit and loss.

Better to build upon mutual goals. Find those who share your vision, and build together. This means making them true partners. Just as they share in the toils, so too must you share the rewards.

This is stock options for startups.

Your publishing journey has more in common with a tech startup than a generic company selling widgets. Treat your peer group as cogs in the machine, at your own risk. This is the path to failure.


This came about as a journal to myself. This is a series of tough love lessons that helped me on my own journey as an author.

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Struggling to make your writing dream a reality?
Can’t find the fire inside to finish that book?
Worried no one will want to read your book?

It’s time you Slay Your Dragon!
This is not another craft book. Or yet another, writer, writing about writing.
Slay Your Dragon: a Motivational Guide for Writers is a series of daily meditations from Nicholi A.K. Baldron.
This book was produced using his own personal journal of tough love feedback to himself.
Follow along and see what he told himself to become an international bestseller in Fantasy and Mystery.

WARNING: This book is not intended for those with a sensitive disposition, there are several other excellent books that are less blunt. Instead, I have published this for fellow authors like myself, who need to be called out for their possible hubris and sometimes thick-headed nature.

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