Before Akio was the greatest swordsman alive, he was an anxious boy. . .

Desperate to escape his destiny of becoming a fisherman like his father, nine-year old Akio swears fealty to a Thief Lord.

With his father proud of him, but his mother pissed at him, Akio’s only hope for peace of mind is to please his new Thief Lord.

But there’s a small problem with being First Sworn. Akio’s new Thief Lord, is a seven-year-old girl, and what’s more is she can kick his ass!

How will Akio change his destiny and become the greatest swordsman alive?

Read Salt & Steel today and find out!


Chronicles of the Seventh Realm

Ren's Tale Book 1

Ren's Tale Book 4

Apprentices Library

Ren's Tale Book 2

Ren's Tale Books 1-3

Ren's Tale Book 3

Akio's Tale Book 1


Apprentices' Library 1st Draft
1st DRAFT 35%

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