Send newsletters, 100x cheaper Overview: Send newsletters, 100x cheaper

We switched to from Mailer Lite, and haven’t looked back.

In that time, we’ve grown from about 5,000 subscribers to over 30,000 (active and unsubscribed).

For up to 5,000 subscribers Mailer Lite currently charges $348/year, and for up to 35,000 they charge $1,860/year.

Sendy is a $69 one-time purchase. And Amazon SES charges $1 per 10,000 emails sent. (We spend about $12/month and growing.)

This year alone, we’ll save over $1,600.

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Sendy requires some technical knowledge to setup using cPanel website hosting, but most authors already use a webhost that has cPanel; which in turn hosts their WordPress site.

That being said, it’s possible to setup using step-by-step tutorials; however, I’ve never found one that’s simple enough for someone to use who doesn’t have the prerequisite technical knowledge. Which is why I’ve added a section to our Patreon Writer Tribe where I created a tutorial and answer questions to help you install it on your own.

Sendy’s interface has a slight learning curve to figure out List, Segments, and Autoresponders. But it’s a learn once and done situation.

Likewise, Sendy requires the users to have their own email templates; however, those can be easily created. (I’ll provide free email templates on my website, and an online tool that lets you create your own.)


Beyond the obvious cost savings, Sendy integrates with Amazon SES, which means your emails will have the highest sender reputation. Amazon is excellent about banning spammers from their servers, protecting the sender reputation for everyone else using their servers. Newsletter emails stay in your subscriber’s inbox and avoid the spam dungeon.

The lightweight nature of the software provides an exceptionally fast interface to format and send new emails.

The detailed reports make it exceptionally powerful to segment lists based on engagement and then send out emails at different times of the day to maximize open and click rates.

But of course, the number one benefit is the cost savings, because when you send out your newsletter, it only requires ONE subscriber to buy a book to turn the whole email profitable.

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