The Future of Publishing

The Future of Publishing

Change is coming, but that’s nothing new for indie publishing. We learn, adapt, and iterate.

The future for New York, and the brick and mortar book store, doesn’t look bright, but they survived the great depression. The odds of them going away entirely are next to zero. They too will need to adapt, same as us, and it’s impossible to say with certainty what their new form will look like in five years, but it’s a good bet to say that at least one of the bigger publishers will go under. However, during the turmoil, there’s an excellent opportunity for new mid-sized publishers specialized into genres, to fill the void.

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Newsletter Promotions in 2020 Are They Still Worth It?

newsletter promotions in 2020 are they still worth it

The purpose of this article is to help those authors who are just starting out. Experienced authors who’ve been publishing for some time may find this information redundant or basic. However, I felt that hearing from a new author would help those who’re are still early in their careers like myself. It’s always encouraging to learn from more advance authors, but I’ve always wanted to hear from fellow authors who’re just starting out.

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Ocean’s Dagger Available on Amazon

Ocean's Dagger Available on Amazon

An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a destiny to recover a nation’s honor.

Ren survived life at an orphanage, but the world taught him some harsh lessons.

His aspiration to become a sorcerer looked brighter, until he found himself in a crate. With his magic unreliable, Ren must learn to rely on others.

But, in a world of thieves and cutthroats, how will he see the truth behind their masks?

Will Ren learn to master his mind, control his magic, and follow his destiny?

Or will his naivety doom him and the world?


Ocean’s Dagger is the second book in the Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, a bite-sized epic fantasy series. Ren may be the “chosen one”, but Chronicles of the Seventh Realm is a sprawling series of characters with many tales to explore. This is the second book of Ren’s Tale. You can start at the beginning with Orphan’s Price.

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Orphan’s Price is Live on Amazon

Orphan's Price Launch Day

Orphan’s Price is available on Amazon for you to read and enjoy.This book represents hundreds of hours of work. Not just on my part, but my wonderful support team too, who help ensures the book is the best quality it could be. I’m eternally grateful to them, and to you my readers. Especially those of you have left a review. It means the world to me.

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We’re continuing to get rain, and the forecast indicates that the rain will continue for another week. All the dams are open, but the water level is still high. The numbers aren’t in yet, but it appears the damages will be severe. Internet is out for a large portion of the city but luckily, I’m able to get online.

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