Starting is the toughest part. Inertia is the strongest force in the universe to conquer, and if it took billions of years to produce your ancestors, why should it be any smoother for you on your writer’s journey?

What makes you so special? Perspective on—and of—time.

You can learn and adapt based upon experiences. You are not obliged to rely on a random occurrence to succeed: Luck or Chance. Unlike so many around you, you are capable of manifesting your will and creativity into reality.

Do not be selfish.

It is your obligation to your ancestors—stretching back millions of years—to share your abilities with society. The world needs your contribution. Without it, your generation will become stuck and unable to culturally proceed.

You are the Ubermensch!

Get out of your own way and let your light shine forth upon the fabric of reality. Failure to live up to your destiny is an insult to the human species, and wholly self-centered. To do so, makes you on par with the sophistication of a two-year-old. To complain about the tasks at hand, is to throw a tantrum like a toddler—pleasurable in the moment perhaps, but thoroughly futile.

Take on the maturity befitting yourself, and quit insulting your lineage.


This came about as a journal to myself. This is a series of tough love lessons that helped me on my own journey as an author.

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Struggling to make your writing dream a reality?
Can’t find the fire inside to finish that book?
Worried no one will want to read your book?

It’s time you Slay Your Dragon!
This is not another craft book. Or yet another, writer, writing about writing.
Slay Your Dragon: a Motivational Guide for Writers is a series of daily meditations from Nicholi A.K. Baldron.
This book was produced using his own personal journal of tough love feedback to himself.
Follow along and see what he told himself to become an international bestseller in Fantasy and Mystery.

WARNING: This book is not intended for those with a sensitive disposition, there are several other excellent books that are less blunt. Instead, I have published this for fellow authors like myself, who need to be called out for their possible hubris and sometimes thick-headed nature.

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