“Accept everything just the way it is.”

This means you should not seek to change the world around you; that’s impossible. However, changing yourself is within your circle of influence. You can always be better than you were yesterday, and it is only you who can decide what better means.

Do not expect the people around you to change, but rather accept them for who they are, and trust they will do the same toward you. Live your best life, and you will be an inspiration to others, who in turn can choose to change of their own free will. Forcing others to change is a fool’s errand.

Besides, the flipside of that is others trying to force their will upon you so that you change to fit their desires. Is that what you want?

At its most fundamental, Precept One is the idea that there are fundamental laws to reality. Wishing things to be other than they are, only leads to suffering as your expectations are not met. Instead by learning and accepting the fundamental laws, you can learn to harness your own abilities to work in harmony with the world around you.

Would you rather spend your life fighting or dancing with reality?

The “Dokkōdō” (Japanese: 獨行道) (“The Path of Aloneness”, “The Way to Go Forth Alone”, or “The Way of Walking Alone”), is a short work written by Miyamoto Musashi a week before he died in 1645.
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This came about as a journal to myself. This is a series of tough love lessons that helped me on my own journey as an author.

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Struggling to make your writing dream a reality?
Can’t find the fire inside to finish that book?
Worried no one will want to read your book?

It’s time you Slay Your Dragon!
This is not another craft book. Or yet another, writer, writing about writing.
Slay Your Dragon: a Motivational Guide for Writers is a series of daily meditations from Nicholi A.K. Baldron.
This book was produced using his own personal journal of tough love feedback to himself.
Follow along and see what he told himself to become an international bestseller in Fantasy and Mystery.

WARNING: This book is not intended for those with a sensitive disposition, there are several other excellent books that are less blunt. Instead, I have published this for fellow authors like myself, who need to be called out for their possible hubris and sometimes thick-headed nature.

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