Stop focusing on the big picture goal that you are working towards. That is there to set your path.

Focus on the small improvements that you can do every day that lead to compounding returns.

1% improvement every day will lead to a 3778% improvement—37X—over the course of a year. If you write 100 words today, 101 tomorrow, and keep increasing by 1%, you’ll end up at 3,778 words per day by the end of the year!

While not everything may be capable of unlimited growth, there is far more room for improvement than you think. You do not know just how far you can go. 

Look to the person you think has achieved the greatest results.

There is nothing standing between you and those results, but your own mental limitations, time, and effort. Align your thoughts toward your goal, and forget distractions. Dedicate yourself to giving 100% of your effort in everything you do toward achieving that goal, and observe over time what happens.

The image below is taken from Atomic Habits by James Clear, and demonstrates the power of compounding improvement vs linear improvement. Your brain naturally thinks in linear terms, which is why you overestimate what you can do in a year, but vastly underestimate what is possible in five years.

Atomic Habits


This came about as a journal to myself. This is a series of tough love lessons that helped me on my own journey as an author.

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Struggling to make your writing dream a reality?
Can’t find the fire inside to finish that book?
Worried no one will want to read your book?

It’s time you Slay Your Dragon!
This is not another craft book. Or yet another, writer, writing about writing.
Slay Your Dragon: a Motivational Guide for Writers is a series of daily meditations from Nicholi A.K. Baldron.
This book was produced using his own personal journal of tough love feedback to himself.
Follow along and see what he told himself to become an international bestseller in Fantasy and Mystery.

WARNING: This book is not intended for those with a sensitive disposition, there are several other excellent books that are less blunt. Instead, I have published this for fellow authors like myself, who need to be called out for their possible hubris and sometimes thick-headed nature.

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