Learning From Those Before Us

Learn From Those Before Us

Learning from those that have come before us is the key to success in life. If you can save yourself the growth pains, you’ll place yourself in the position to capitalize on opportunities earlier, and thus experience a longer period of compound returns.
What’s more, learning from fellow artists in different disciplines helps clarify the fundamentals to focus on. As an independent author, you are a corporation, and it’s vital you learn to manage your assets (the books you produce) accordingly. That means learning to place the financial needs of the business above your personal desires.

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Virtue of Perseverance

Hard Work, House Building

Develop a growth mindset and ignore everything else.
Talent X Hard Work X Perseverance X Learning X Luck = SUCCESS
This led to another insight: writing is challenging, not hard. Webster defines challenging as, “arousing competitive interest, thought, or action”, and hard as, “difficult to bear or endure”.

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Newsletter Promotions in 2020 Are They Still Worth It?

newsletter promotions in 2020 are they still worth it

The purpose of this article is to help those authors who are just starting out. Experienced authors who’ve been publishing for some time may find this information redundant or basic. However, I felt that hearing from a new author would help those who’re are still early in their careers like myself. It’s always encouraging to learn from more advance authors, but I’ve always wanted to hear from fellow authors who’re just starting out.

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