Writing Log November 26th, 2016

From 15:00 to 15:41 I knocked out 711 words. I had to plot as I was writing, and there were lots of distractions. Not the best example of what my Dragon is capable of. Still though, 711 words in under an hour is good. Better than no words

From 16:23 to 16:56 I wrote 856 words. This is a better Sprint. I’m still having to train my Dragon. I find that several sentences come out completely different than how I had said them. Sometimes there’s even words that I don’t understand how Dragon would have thought that’s what I said. However, with all that said Dragon is still increasing my writing speed.

Over all the day is not what I wanted to make of it. However, I’m going to keep the faith and keep training my Dragon. My hope is that by the end of the month the software will be up to snuff for me to use it full time for writing. I’m thinking of using it online more to write my social media post and more. I’ve used it for longer forum posts, but those are rare and far between. I’m wondering if I just use it for everything, if it will accelerate the training time, and get it up to speed. From what I’ve seen it will drastically increase my writing speed, once I have it trained and I don’t have to stop every three or four sentences to rewrite it. 

Weekly Word Count – 5,916
Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 1,826
Novel – DWC: 1,567 TWC: 5,086
Blog – DWC: 259

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