Writing Log July 26th, 2016

6:11 – Word count, 0. Just woke up about 10 minutes ago. No coffee yet. I’m going to try writing without it and see what happens.

6:37 – Word count,  371. The power went out on the block. It’s pitch black in the house aside from the glow of my laptop screen. I’ll have to come back to writing after the power comes back on.

9:38 – Word count, 1,454. The power came back on about an hour ago. I’m down to 20 scenes left to write. Total word count is at 57,766. I’m thinking I’ll come in under 75,000 word, but over the initial thought of 70,000. It’s time for some food. I’m not going to do anything but write today, until 17:00. If I stay focused I’ll hit scene 60 before I’m done. I have no idea about a word count. I just want to get down to 10 scenes. If I get that close I’ll be able to finish up tomorrow with the momentum. I can’t wait to plot out my next novel and start writing it, while my editor has this one.

11:44 – Word count, 3,286. Writing is going well today. Only down side, is I keep adding more scenes as subplots become larger than I originally planned for. The novel will turn out better for it, but it's a bit annoying. I did cut a scene or two, that no longer needed to be there. However, despite the words I'm still about twenty scenes away from the end.


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