Writing Log July 23rd, 2016

5:13 – Woke up about an hour ago. I’ve showered and made my coffee. Now it’s time to write. I’m going to write until 9, and I’m aiming for 5,000 words.

6:09 – Word count, 1,091. I’m having to dig deep to finish this novel. I already knew every detail of these final chapters. There are no surprises so I’m having to force myself to put the words on paper. Plotting helps my productivity, but it kills part of the excitement I get from discovery writing. Major bonus though, my editing is going to be a breeze compared to my novels in the past!

7:01 – Word count, 2,220. I’m almost half way there, both in time and word count. If the words keep flowing like this, I might put in an extra long writing day and see just how many words I can get on the page. The little one will be up soon, so I might have to take a break. I’m hungry, but I keep putting it off. I think it’s Stephen King, who said he doesn’t have breakfast until he has hit his word count. I can see that being a good motivator.

8:10 – Word count, 3,491. I seem to be plugging along at about the same speed. 1,200 words an hour isn’t bad. I keep taking short breaks between scenes. When I factor that in, I’m probably at about 2,000 words an hour. I just had to stop and do some research for this scene on cars. Hopefully I got it right. I’ll have to get someone who knows cars to read the scene, and see if I did it right.

Final word count, 3,649. The child woke up, so I spent the rest of the day with her. 

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