Writing Log July 19th, 2016

1:38 – Word count, 0. The hotel server is down. Internet keeps going in and out, and there is a leak in the roof over the front desk. On the plus side I’m by myself tonight. I had to train the new guy last night, which was interesting since he is a reader. However, it meant I was only able to write 386 words. Better than nothing, but a far cry from what I want. Goal tonight is 3,750, and six scenes.

Checked the server again, but it’s still down. Still can’t check people in, or run night audit, so the hotel is at a stand still. The GM isn’t returning my texts or phone calls. I’ve done what I can, so I’m setting it aside, and getting back to writing.

3:28 – Word count, 1,464. Second scene done. New podcast episode is out for Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing. So… I’ll be watching that for an hour before I get back to writing. This is one of their better episodes. It has John L. Monk, he has great advice for authors just getting started or authors who are struggling to build their platform.

5:45 – Word count, 1,464. Breakfast is made. Finished the podcast. The night audit still isn’t done, so it’s creating problems with checking guests out, and until it’s fixed no new guests can be checked in. Spoke with my GM. I did everything I was suppose to, everything else is out of my hands. I’ve written down everything that happened in our daily binder, and I’ll explain it all to whomever relieves me. Until then I’m going to watch the podcast again and take notes. This episode is one of the best they’ve ever done.

8:59 – Word count, 1,496. I'm home. Had to stay late to finish work. Plus side, internet is back. I've got a phone call with my editor in about an hour. I'm excited and terrified. I'm not sure how this is going to go, but I'm being optimistic. 

2:11 – Word count, 1,026. First scene done. Time for more coffee, check on the server, and then back to the story. I can’t wait to hear back from readers. I hope they love it as much as I have writing it.

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