Writing Log July 16th, 2016

1:55 – Word Count, 0. Talked beer and whisky with an old friend via Facebook, and how excited we both are for the new Scott Lynch novel. (Scott if you’re reading this I’m dying over here.) It was fun, but now it’s time to put words on the screen. I’m technically 6,142 words behind schedule this week, due to the setback of fixing the sub plot. While I’d love to hit that and set a new personal best, I’m going to go with a more manageable goal of 3,700, which will put me over the 10,000 word mark for the week.

4:14 – Word count, 0. I’m hitting the conclusion to the novel (Act III kind of), so I needed to look at what I had plotted and work accordingly. So far the novel has followed all the major points I thought would be there, but most of the minor scenes have changed substantially. I had to cut two more scenes, and in eight.  I had this weird 24 day gap in my timeline. It still makes sense to the plot, but I decided I needed a couple scenes to explain the gap and keep up the tension, without there being this giant time gap. A week is one thing, but nearly a month I think would be a bit jarring. The majority of the scenes from here on out will be short compared to the ones in the middle of the novel. I’m hoping that will help keep my own personal writing momentum going.

5:58 – Word count, 1,413. Broke the 50K word mark. I wrote what I think is my shortest scene ever at 302 words. When I got done I looked at it, think I had to have left something out, but upon rereading I think adding any more would be a waste. I knew the scenes moving forward might be shorter, but 302. I’m not quite half way to my goal, but I started writing much later than I had intended. I’ve got to start turning my WiFi off when I’m ready to write. Social media is the death of productivity!

8:19 – Word count, 1,413. Going to call it. I got side tracked with plotting. I'll be at the hotel tonight, so I should be able to get a good 3,500 words. 

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