Writing Log July 14th, 2016

2:24 – Word count, 0. I’m about to start my night of writing. Tonight’s goal is 3,500 words. If all goes well I’ll hit that before 6 am. I’m at home tonight rather than at work, so this will be different. I’ve got myself setup in a comfortable spot. I’ve got my headphones on and will listen to classical music. I find that it helps me focus a little more. The only down side to writing at home, is everyone else is trying to sleep, so I have to be extra quite and keep the lighting low. I’ve had my pot of coffee and have plenty of water. I find that writing these blog entries help to clear my mind and focus me on the task of writing. It’s almost like free writing to get my mind in the ‘writer’ mode.

3:09 – Word count, 1,303. Not bad for about 30 minutes. I need some more water and a cigarette. I think I’ll put some tea on too. These scenes are just flying by now. I’m so glad I found the issue that was holding back my writing. If you ever feel stuck, I highly recommend looking at what you’re writing and evaluating if it’s what needs to be written. Maybe you’re subconscious is trying to let you know that you’re writing the wrong scene. Listen to yourself, and it might save you hours of grief. Or in my case, it could have saved me two weeks of lost productivity, and several thousand words.

4:09 – Word count, 2,606. I just finished another scene of exactly 1,303 words, and stopped exactly an hour after I had stopped the last time. It all feels a little like deja vu. Except I’m 75% of the way to my daily word goal. I don’t even feel the slightest bit burnt out. I think I’ll raise my goal to 4,500 words and see what happens. I didn’t realize how hot it was. I’m going to take a shower, while I think about the next scene.

5:42 – Word count, 4,176. I just wrote a high sexual-tension scene. (Maybe I should have held off on the shower.) I’m so close to the 4,500 word goal, and it’s not even six yet. The house should be quite until around seven or eight, so I’m going to raise the goal to 6,000. If I hit it, that will be the most words I’ve ever written in one day. My heart is racing. It’s surreal when your dreams start to manifest themselves as reality. I hope my readers love this novel as much as I have writing it.

I also wrote a short 150 word blurb that summarizes the novel well, I think. I’ve got my editor looking it over. She’s a far better judge at those sort of things. If she signs off on it, I’ll get it uploaded. Once that’s done, I’ll be able to open up presales for the novel. I’ll also setup an order form on the blog for paperback preorders. I’ll be offering signed copies to anyone that preorders. However, once the book comes out, I’ll not offer a paperback edition.

6:17 – Word count, 4,676. Just realized that I had left out a scene that closed up a subplot. Good thing too, because that would have been annoying to fix after the first round of edits.

8:11 – Word count, 4,676. I'm not going to hit the 6,000 words today. There's always tomorrow for crazy double stretch goals. Time to adult, by which I mean – put on cloths and go to the bank. 

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