Writing Log: Feb. 27th

Writing Log: Feb. 27th

Fear of Failure

I refuse to allow my fear of failure to hold me back from what I’m meant to do—write fucking books! Now that’s not to say I don’t experience fear & anxiety. In fact, anyone who doesn’t feel fear is someone to avoid. To lean into these clichés, “It’s only when we’re afraid that we can be brave.”

Self-pep out of the way. It’s time for the real business at hand. I need the fear of public shame to motivate myself to perceiver. Meaning: I’ll set my daily goals here, for all the world to see, and also report on them.

One keynote: I’m not counting this post as a goal. Meaning if I forget, am busy, or don’t feel like it, making this post doesn’t count against me. However, I’ll always make up with a consolidated post for the days I’ve missed.

Second keynote: The words I produce for this post don’t count toward the word goals I’m placing for myself. Only what I add to my WIPs.

Third keynote: Words counted for WIP are defined as the new words I produce toward a WIP and ship to my Alpha Reader. This means rewrites don’t count, and editing doesn’t count. However, I track both (and many other stats) on the side.

February 27th Results: 1,540 (101% Success)

I finished chapter one and two of Sorcerer’s Trial (Book 3 of Chronicles of the Seventh Realm) and shipped both to my Alpha Reader.

Fun side note: by creating this process of having an Alpha Reader I send my Rough Drafts too, I’ve created a positive feedback loop in myself where I strive to write cleaner drafts every day. So far it’s been highly successful, and according to my Alpha Reader, the drafts are a night and day difference over the past three months.

Year Goals

I’m pushing myself to write 5,000 words per day by December 31st, 2019.

To accomplish this, I’ve set myself a daily goal that will continue to increase every week, until December 29th, when it will be at 5,000.

Starting this week February 24th, my goal is 1,531 word per day, five days per week.

I want to give a special thanks to David S. Gale, who developed the tracking application on http://writetrack.davidsgale.com, and made it free to use for anyone. The above image is a screen shot of one graph his software can create. You can also create teams of users. I’m NAKBaldron if you want to add me as a friend.


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