Writing Log December 9th, 2016

Writing Log December 9th, 2016

Novel Writing Sprints Breakdown:
Total fingers on the keyboard time: 54 minutes. Total words: 1,429. Words per hour: 1,587.

Writing Log:
14:37 – I’ve been extremely lazy the past few days. I’m rather disappointed in myself for wasting time and not making more progress on the novel. I keep reminding myself that I’m wanting to make a full time income from my writing, and the only way to do that is write. I went and looked back at how long it took me to write the first novel of the series, which was 10 weeks at an average of 6,657 words a week, or 951 words a day.

Yesterday marked the two week mark of me writing this novel. I started on 11/24/16. I’m at 18,687 words, which averages out to 9,344 words a week, or 1,335 a day. At that rate, I’ve improved by 40%. I keep reminding myself that a 40% increase is respectable and something to be proud of, but at the same time I’m not satisfied. 

To make a full time income from my writing, I suspect I’ll need to publish at least every two months, or six novels a year minimum. If I treat a month as 4 weeks, or 28 days, I’ll be left with an extra 4 weeks a year for buffer room and/or vacation. I have to plan on taking breaks because burn out is a series concern. Based on the 8 week window to publish a novel, I’ll need to write, edit, format, buy a  cover, and market a novel every 56 days. My novel can be edited to some degree while I write, but once it’s finished it will need a full line edit. 

Line edit will take about 1 hour for every 2,000 words. My first novel is just over 75,000 words, and I plan to stay at 70-75K words for the whole series. At the 75K mark, that would take about 37.5 hours to edit, plus I’ll have to go through and approve the edits, and rewrite a few lines myself. I was able to go through the line edits at a rate of about 5,000 words an hour. So the approve process will take an extra 15 hours. However, I can realistically only edit for about 3 hours before there is a major drop off in quality and Patience. Lets say I can push myself and do my pass in 4 days. That leaves (56d-4d) a total of 52 days. My editor will require about 8 business days so 10 calendar days, leaving (52d-10d) 42 days to write the novel, or a perfect 6 weeks.

With 6 weeks to write a 75,000 word novel. I'll need to write 12,500 words a week, or an average of 1,786 words a day. At my current average of 1,335 I'm 451 words a day behind, or 25% below where I need to be. However, given that the previous novel was written at a daily average of 951 I might be on the right path. My daily word count is at the halfway point between where I was at the beginning of my journey and where I think I need to be, to make a full time living. I started the first novel back on 5/28/16. So in under a year I've improved by 40%, plus my writing has subjectively gotten better. I think by time I finish the third novel, and thus publish the first novel, I'll be up or above the target 1,786 words per day.

Sprint Records:
Start: 16:12
Stop: 16:36
WC: 638

Start: 16:58
Stop: 17:28
WC: 791

Progress Breakdown:
Weekly Word Count – 8,192
Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 2,056
Novel – DWC: 1,429 TWC: 20,116
Blog – DWC: 627 


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Nicholi A. K. Baldron
@NAKBaldron on twitter 

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