Writing Log December 13th, 2016

Writing Log December 13th, 2016

Novel Writing Sprints Breakdown:
Total fingers on the keyboard time: 43 minutes. Total words: 1,201. Words per hour: 1,676.

Writing Log:
12:19 – I didn’t wake up until 11:10. I feel better today and I’m already on my second mug of coffee. Today I found out about the YouTube channel Today I Found Out. () This will most likely be my new ritual for getting ready in the morning. A mug of coffee, and watching a 5 to 10 minute video about some random piece of information.

13:07 – Finished up a scene from yesterday, and now it’s time to start a bad ass scene! I’ve been looking forward to writing this scene since the middle of my last novel. Which is a long time to wait to write something.

15:24 – Progress is being made. Having to cook lunch eats away at my time. I need to start preparing lunch either in the morning, or the night before. That way I only have to spend about 30 minutes eating. Rather than a little over an hour to prepare and eat it. I just hit the half way point for my daily goal! I also just hit the 1/3 completion mark for the novel. If I want to wrap this up by the end of the month I’ll need to move a little faster than I’ve been. It has taken me three weeks to hit this point.

16:38 – Did an accuracy training session for Dragon. Still waiting for it to finish. It’s taking over an hour. *Fingers crossed* this will reduce the amount of time I spend correcting the odd glitches it has while I’m dictating.

Sprint Records:
Start: 12:58
Stop: 13:07
WC: 385

Start: 14:46
Stop: 15:20
WC: 816

Progress Breakdown:
Weekly Word Count – 4,069
Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 1,494
Novel – DWC: 1,201 TWC: 22,157
Blog – DWC: 293
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Nicholi A. K. Baldron
@NAKBaldron on twitter

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