Writing Log August 1st, 2016

3:07 – I woke up a bit earlier than I expected. I’m still a bit drowsy. I need to make some coffee and take another thirty minutes to relax into waking up. I’ve only got one more scene before the climax arch. Given the speed of the story at this point, and how excited I am to write it, I’m confident I’ll finish the novel today. Writing goal is finish the novel by 15:00.

6:18 – Word count, 3,148. Eight more scenes left. My adrenaline is pumping at over drive. I’m going to finish this novel today. I can feel it. I’m so fucking close!

6:52 – Word count, 3,919. Six more scenes!

7:58 – Word count, 5,056. Five more scenes! My head hurts from writing so much. It’s been a whirl wind of a story. I’m averaging about 1,100 words an hour. However, I’ve been taking breaks between each scene, so I’m cool with my WPH. Total word count is up to 68,288. I’ll probably end up around 73,000 when it’s all done.

And of course I didn't finish the novel. I left the room to eat and never got back to the computer. I've got to learn how to survive without food, or get my ass back in the chair. There's always tomorrow. 

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