Week Recap March 4th, 2017

Week Recap March 4th, 2017

Progress Breakdown:
Writing Weekly Word Count – 9,512 (5,642/146% Increase)
Editing Weekly Word Count – 12,051 (42,110/78% Decrease)

Week Recap:
Just hit publish on Project Phoenix #2 Light Speed! I missed my goal of publish on the 4th by 30 minutes. I’ll do better for #3, I’m aiming for Thursday night, Friday morning.

Aside from coming in a tad late with the book, I’m very pleased with my performance this week. Assuming I keep improving at my current rate, I’ll be performing where I want to be in 3-4 months. I’m pushing myself to improve by 10% weekly. I know that level of improvement is not sustainable indefinitely, but it is doable for the next few months.

I’m planning a major trip at the end of July, and I need to two things to happen before then.
1st, I need my production level up to 30,000 words per week.
2nd, I need my writing to bring in a net of $1,000 a month.
I’m confident the 1st will make the 2nd happen. As my overall production rising, my quality has increased along side it. I’ve reached the point that nearly every word I write is useable in the final draft. I typically see a change within +/- 5%, in the manuscript word count between first draft and final draft.

For instance, Project Phoenix #2 frist draft came in at 8,438. Second draft came in at 8,453. That’s a change of 15 words, or 0.1% increase. The reason is I write very clean plot lines. Usually if there are rewrites to be made, it’s me adding extra description to areas I’ve been vague on. Now my editor has a lot on her plate with my spelling issues, because they’re issues where the word is spelt correctly, but it’s the wrong word that looks similar. Dyslexia is a pain in my ass! My editor is also a master of fixing my repetitive sentence starters. As far as I know, those are my two weakest areas. I’m working on the later, but as for the spelling, I’ve yet to find a way to address it.

I hope the sales of Project Phoenix pic up soon, because I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to afford all the costs. But in the mean time I’ll enjoy the ride.

Goals From This Week: (Score: 3/3)
1. Write, Edit, and Publish Project Phoenix #2
2. Read 3 novels, 900+ pages.
3. Spend 1 hour a day growing my mailing list.

I’m not sure if I should count growing my list, but I did spend the hour a day working on it. Trying to get share posts and such that would lead to a page where people could sign up.

Goals For Next Week:
1. Write, Edit, and Publish Project Phoenix #3
2. Read 3 novels, 900+ pages.
3. Write a minimum of 10,000 words.

What I Read This Week:

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Nicholi A. K. Baldron
@NAKBaldron on twitter

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