Too Close To Call: Which Book to Write Next?

Too Close to Call

Poll Results

  1. Credits & Blood (Brandon’s Tale Book 1) [6 votes, 35%]
  2. Salt & Steel (Akio’s Tale Book 1) [6 votes, 35%]
  3. Apprentice’s Pride (Ren’s Tale Book 4) [5 votes, 29%]

I’m leaving the poll open, until I finish the first draft of Sorcerer’s Trial, so get your votes in!

Here’s the link,

My main interest is writing what my readers want to read next. I’ll admit I find it amusing that both of the side stores are leading right now. I take great pride in knowing that I write compelling side characters.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to vote.

Sorcerer’s Trial

I’ll finish up the first draft this week, and send it off to my editor on Friday or Saturday. I’m nervous to hear what you all think of the story, but optimistic at the same time. If everything goes according the plan, I’ll release Sorcerer’s Trial on April 23rd.

Orphan’s Price Reviews

Orphan’s Price is currently rated at 4.3/5 with 9 reviews. You guys rock! I can’t thank you enough. Every day my books finds new readers, and that’s in large part because of you, and the amazing reviews you’ve left.

To get Orphan’s Price listed with certain newsletters needs 10 to 20 reviews. Help me hit 20 reviews this month. You can review Orphan’s Price here. When I hit 20 reviews, I’ll do a signed book giveaway for this email group only!

Personal Update

I debated on if I should share this or not, but decided it would be best if I did. My hope is by sharing I can encourage others to share, and know they’re not alone.

I suffer from depression, and not just the I feel a little down kind, but the deep depths of despair depression, determined to destroy my dignity and life. It started back in college, the fall of my junior year. I remember spending three weeks in bed, only bothering to get up long enough to eat and drink before crawling back into bed. Thankfully I’d just met my wonderful girlfriend Sabetha, and she helped me pull through that season.

Ever since, I’ve struggled to maintain a normal sense of perspective on life, but often I fail. To me, life bounces between meaningless and transcendent. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve focused so intently on writing, and the development of my craft. When I fall into my deep despair, I remind myself of the craft of writing, and that art transcends its creator and is the only real purpose to life in the first place. Complexity battles against entropy at every step, and there is nothing more complex about the human condition than our art.

Nihilism is a logical conclusion when faced with the true scale of the universe, and the understanding that one human life is less than a speck within the cosmos. And yet, there’s an alternative option. Blind faith in meaning. The fact that I sit here with personal judgements of beauty and a model what it means to have meaning, is a form of vaccine against Nihilism. And for me at least, the thin line between my depression being a momentary setback, and the all-encompassing ocean that drowns me.

If you’ve ever felt similar to this, I want you to know you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. Please speak to someone, you can email me, or reach out to someone you trust. Allow them to help you find your meaning.

I came across John Vervaeke, PhD. earlier this year and his YouTube course Awakening from the Meaning Crisis, I’ve found this is a great course to share with others to help them understand my personal struggle and perhaps find their own path.

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