The Wheel

The Wheel

Another symbol of great change in my life. I must be in an even larger transition period of my life than I realized.

Divinatory Meaning

“Luck and fate are turning in your favor. Your life has entered a change of cycles that will allow you to move forward or slide backward, depending upon your preparation and determination. It is time to make changes. Break with incompatible lovers, friends, relationships, or careers.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


This is fantastic news, as I just sent a newsletter informing my fans that I’ll be shifting into a new project. Based on this, I can only assume that’s a good thing, and the rewards will be even greater than I hoped.

Action Plan

I’m going to write down all my anxieties in my journal and leave them there. No longer will I spend time giving thought to them, instead using that freed up time to work more diligently on my new projects. (This series being one of them).

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