Night Audit Monday May 30th, 2016

Almost done with the first week at my new job. Not to undersell myself, but a monkey could easily do what I do. My job requires me to babysit the hotel. As the Night Auditor, I’m responsible for closing out the day and running reports. I also have to check in any guests that show up late. I usually see one or two people a night.  As for running the Night Audit reports. The first night took me almost an hour. Now I’m usually done in about five-teen minutes. Most of that is me taking a smoke break, and the system talking to the offsite server. On days that the breakfast attendant isn’t here I also have to make breakfast. That takes about forty-five minutes, and happens at the end of my shift.  I’m left with a minimum of five hours by myself with nothing to do. Thus, writing time!  Training […]

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