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An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a destiny to recover a nation’s honor.

For sixteen-year-old Ren, life was a brutal slog in the orphanage. His only aspiration was to become a sorcerer.

But with no family connections, he had no chance…

Until, a freak magical accident drew the attention of international authorities.

Will Ren evade the authorities, and take his one chance to pass the ritual required to join the Amethyst sorcerers?

Or will his low birth doom him and the world?

Orphan’s Price is the first book in the Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, a bitesize epic fantasy series comprised of episodic short books. Ren may be the “chosen one”, but Chronicles of the Seventh Realm is a sprawling series of characters with many tales to explore. This is the first book of Ren’s Tale.

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Early Edits & Free Books

Newsletter_Early Edits and Free Books

My wonderful editor sent back my manuscript ahead of schedule. While he found major issues—which I’ll fix this week—it means I’ll have the final copy for my Beta Readers early. I’m looking at a few long days of editing nonstop, but after that I’ll get back to drafting Sorcerer’s Trial.I think the newest book is shaping up to be my best yet, but I’m also crazy excited to have you guys read Ocean’s Dagger. So many turns and reveals.

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