Step Five: Shit Happens

The City of Austin decided to regulate ride-share companies at the beginning of 2016. The new regulations that would be implemented on-top of the federal regulations would result in both Uber and Lyft pulling out of Austin. As such, citizens untied and quickly organized to form and petition to stop the implementation of the new regulations. Over 60,000 Austinites signed the petition. As such Prop 1 was formed and placed on the ballot for May 7th.  A vote yes on Prop 1 would force the city to stop all actions to regulate ride-share companies and their drivers. A vote no on Prop 1 would leave the regulations as they stood and they would go into effect as scheduled. Prop 1 didn’t pass, with about 55,000 people saying no, and 34,000 people saying yes.

So, once again I was unemployed, but this time not by choice. We were shocked. My life-partner and I had thought Prop 1 would pass, and hadn’t fully planned for it not to. However, we had learned how to deal with a lack of income, and had been squealing away money ever since we left Austin. When Prop 1 failed we had only been out of Austin for two months. We both agreed that I didn’t need a job anytime soon, we would be fine. So I started looking for a local job, but it had to be the right job. This is how I got to Step Six: Make Your Job Work For You

Be sure and read Step Four: Starting a New Lifestyle, or start from the very beginning with Step One: Readdress Priorities.


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