Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

I was debating if I should stay home today or accompany Sabetha to Austin. There’re a few errands to run and it’ll take about six hours of the day, so we won’t get home until dinner time. But after reading this card, there’s no debate.

Divinatory Meaning

Just rewards.

“You will be receiving what is due you, positive or negative. Someone repays a past load of money or time. Revive your outlook on life by helping others who are in need.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


Yesterday was as spectacular writing day. I managed to set a new year record for words produced. I kept that ball rolling and didn’t stop work until nearly midnight. When I went to bed, I had planned to get right back into things, but Sabetha informed me that she needed to go into Austin. At first, I was going to skip it and focus on the writing, but that probably a tad bit too selfish. Family outings can’t be replaced or made up for, but I can always write later.

Action Plan

To try and capitalize on the drivetime, I’ll take my Alphasmart Neo 2 to write on. I might be able to finish the short story I worked on yesterday. If I do, that’ll put me ahead of schedule by a full day, which I can’t recall the last time I was ahead of schedule.

Regardless, I’ll enjoy the family time and getting out of the house.

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