Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

“At times the Seven of Swords suggests that you may need to put yourself first to get what you want, even if it means letting others down or putting others off-side.”

After last year’s experiences, I had decided it was time that I stop trying to help others with their careers and instead focus exclusively on my own. This would seem to indicate that I’ve not been doing a good job with the boundaries I’ve set for myself. I’m naturally a helpful person that seeks to improve and empower those around me, but last year proved that to a weakness when I allow myself to become distracted from my own objectives.

Biddy Tarot

“Traditionally, the Seven of Swords indicates theft, betrayal, deception and trickery.”

“Others are not being candid with you, and you may be unaware of their lies and deception. You may trust someone who then turns out to be running their own agenda, leaving you high and dry. Look out for any sneaky behaviour and listen to your intuition when something does not feel right or seems too good to be true.”

“On a more positive note, the Seven of Swords points out that you need to be strategic in what you do. You know you cannot do everything at once – nor should you. Instead, you must prioritise what’s important to you and direct your focus and attention on the few tasks that will move you closer to your goals. It’s the 80-20 rule: 20% of your work will account for 80% of your results, so focus on the 20%.”

Read more here: Biddy Tarot.


I have to set my own house in order before helping others. Living by example and allowing others to follow the path I blaze, is the best way I can help the most people while also insuring that I don’t sacrifice myself for those who will be ungrateful.

The idea that others are not being candid with me, is not a surprise. I’ve already had my suspicions and will continue to move forward with caution. However, if it’s deception from those I don’t suspect, I’m not sure there’s anything I want to do about that.

If I’m going to be deceived then it’s going to happen, but I refuse to allow the threat of deception to overshadow my relationships. Caution is only called for when the risk to me is high enough to warrant it. To go through life suspicious of others and their motives will only drive me crazy and could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Action Plan

I’ll evaluate my current business relationships and doublecheck that I’m not being swindled. Beyond that I’ll use my best judgement and remind myself that 2021 is not the year to be helping new authors. They can read this site for guidance, especially the recommended books, but I’ve drawn the line in the sand at answering the barrage of unresearched questions. It’s time that I learn to say no and give up this sense of debt. While it’s true that many others helped me to reach this point, it was through their own books and blog posts, not by me asking them hundreds of questions. Therefore, my debt is not in answering the questions directly, but in paying it forward by providing the resources they need to improve themselves.

Writing and Publishing is one of the hardest careers a person can choose, but it’s that challenge that make the career so rewarding. The learning process is a core part of that career. If an author isn’t willing to read the resources, then they don’t want their career to succeed enough.

We all have limited time, but it’s up to each of us to manage our own focus—to cast aside the things that don’t serve our purpose and give our complete focus to those things that do.

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