Perfect Cup of Espresso

Perfect cup of espresso

If you’re like me, the only thing you appreciate more than reading is an excellent cup of coffee or tea. I start my day with an espresso while afternoons are for tea. I will note that when I curl up with a great book, I prefer a cup a tea to coffee. For some reason coffee doesn’t relax me into the world I’m reading the way tea will.

It took me several years to transition from drip coffee to French press, and ultimately espresso. But it was worth it. As you can see the general trend has been less volume, stronger flavor, and more prep time with each method.

The major reason I swear by espresso as the only way to drink coffee in the morning, is the ritual of making it. It’s a way to start my day almost like a meditation, but better because there’s caffeine at the end. The anticipation while making the coffee is half the enjoyment. If you’ve never tried a cup of espresso, I heartily recommend that you go try one.

I tweaked my recipe for the better part of a year, but I think I’ve master the espresso ratios. The first step is finding the right coffee. I recommend a strong blend with floral notes. Also, it’s best if you buy whole bean and grind the beans yourself every morning, but not a requirement.




4 oz espresso

2 tsp sugar

Mix well

1.5 oz creamer


It should take about 5 minutes to drink and is best enjoyed while doing nothing else. Find a comfortable seat, sip your coffee, and enjoy life. By taking the time to make a great cup of coffee your days will be less stressful, and you’ll have the energy to conquer the world.

I’d go into my version of a perfect cup of tea, but I might start a war. Instead I’ll leave a link to one of the greatest internet posts of all time, also known as World War Tea.

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