Page of Cups

Page of Cups

I wanted to know if I would make significant progress on my current project, and if I would break my year record for how many words I produced in a single day. Based on the cards, I would say yes.

Divinatory Meaning

Message of love.

“Fresh ideas and new methods of doing things make you more optimistic about your future. A message of love arrives. You receive a gift given in friendship.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


“You receive a gift given in friendship.”

This could be referring to an ARC I was given yesterday, and if so, that’s an overwhelmingly positive interpretation. If that’s what the card is about then I’m pleased and excited.

“Fresh ideas and new methods of doing things make you more optimistic about your future.”

I think this is in reference to the fact that I’ve started working in a new office away from my family. I love them more than life, but without complete silence I find it hard to focus on my work and produce the words I need to move my stories forward. At the beginning of last year, I rented an office, but as the virus flared up, I was forced to cancel my lease.

Sabetha’s father is our next-door neighbor, and he is allowing me to use his guestroom to write in while he goes to work. Before that I had been using the park, but the drive was eating up a large chunk of my writing time and placing me at the mercy of the elements.

Action Plan

I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing up until now. Keep my head up and keep plugging away. I think this card is mostly telling me to trust my instincts and know that I’m on the right path. Not sure it answered my question directly, but I’m confident in the future.

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