Orphan’s Price is Live on Amazon

Orphan's Price Launch Day

All my hard work has paid off!

Orphan’s Price is available on Amazon for you to read and enjoy.

This book represents hundreds of hours of work. Not just on my part, but my wonderful support team too, who help ensures the book is the best quality it could be. I’m eternally grateful to them, and to you my readers. Especially those of you have left a review. It means the world to me.

Want to help?

As an independent author, I don’t have access to the marketing departments that some New York publishing companies offer their authors. However, I have access to something better.

This email connection to you, my readers. I knew choosing to self-publish rather than going with a New York publisher meant more work on my part. But I know it’s the right choice. I’d rather give up the easy path if it means I gain a better connection with you. By cutting out the middleman I’m able to connect with my readers, and I can assure you I cherish every single one of you. I hope to one day have tens of thousands of fans, but I’ll never forget you, my early fans. You’re why I’m able to spend my time writing.

How you can help:

The truth is I have to sell books. Publishing my book isn’t free, in fact it’s far from it. My best hope for selling books is finding new readers and growing my audience. However, to grow my audience and attract new readers, I need reviews.

Reviews are the lifeblood of a self-published author like myself. Reviews help attract new readers, and especially the right readers who will enjoy my books. Without enough reviews, some readers will pass on giving my book a chance. Also, many of the marketing sites I need to partner with won’t accept books that don’t have at least ten reviews.

I already have two. Will you help me hit the ten-review benchmark?

You can leave a review here.

Don’t feel pressured to leave a long review either. In fact, you really only need to answer one question. Did you like the book enough to recommend it to a friend? If so, why? Your review can be as short as one sentence, it doesn’t need to be a book report, like we wrote for school.

Want to Learn More About Reviews?

Aconite Café wrote a blog post, Writing a Book Review.

Questions to Answer in your Review

  1. Don’t be afraid to be honest. Every book deserves an honest review. It’s ok to not like a book, just let people know why.
    • Would you recommend it to another person?
    • Is it a book you could read again?
    • Did you have a “book hangover” when it was finished?
  2. Did the book keep your attention? 
    • Did it have a slow start or build up?
    • Did it drag out the plot?
  3. How did the book make you feel?
    • Where you emotionally invested?
    • Did parts of the story cause you to skim or feel bored?
  4. How was the writing?
    • Did the author have detailed descriptions of people, places and things?
    • Could you imagine their world?
    • Were the characters complex/relatable/real?
    • Did the plot/storyline make sense, could you follow it?
    • Were there grammar mistakes? 

I’ve started a daily exercise regimen. So far it involves me walking for thirty minutes plus, at a brisk pace. Hopefully I’ll add in light weight lifting next month. Slow and steady. I’m not trying to win any competitions, or run a marathon, but I’d like to lose another 10 pounds, and regain the flexibility from my youth. I’m not old, but I’m also not as young as I once was. Age is starting to show on my face, and I feel it in my bones on cold, rainy days.

As to the question of this email. I’m a huge digital reader. I buy hardbacks as collector items, but I prefer to read digital books. Especially when I read on my phone. The smaller page size allows me to read faster than a print page, and with modern technology I can use text-to-speech software. In effect turning any digital book into an audio book. This means I can keep reading while I’m driving, or walking around the park. No longer do I have to fit my reading time into my day. Reading time is all the time. 

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