Ocean’s Dagger Available on Amazon

Ocean's Dagger Available on Amazon

Set sail on the open tide with Ocean's Dagger

An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic, and a destiny to recover a nation’s honor.

Ren survived life at an orphanage, but the world taught him some harsh lessons.

His aspiration to become a sorcerer looked brighter, until he found himself in a crate. With his magic unreliable, Ren must learn to rely on others.

But, in a world of thieves and cutthroats, how will he see the truth behind their masks?

Will Ren learn to master his mind, control his magic, and follow his destiny?

Or will his naivety doom him and the world?


Ocean’s Dagger is the second book in the Chronicles of the Seventh Realm, a bite-sized epic fantasy series. Ren may be the “chosen one”, but Chronicles of the Seventh Realm is a sprawling series of characters with many tales to explore. This is the second book of Ren’s Tale. You can start at the beginning with Orphan’s Price.

Ocean’s Dagger: Chronicles of the Seventh Realm (Ren’s Tale Book 2) is available to read on Amazon, and reviews are coming in.

“. . . I like the new character Shaya also. All-in-all, a great story. I can’t wait for the next book.” – Jiffy 5200 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic second book in the series

I want to take a moment to thank Jiffy 5200 for the kind words, and enthusiastic review.

I read every review that comes in on Amazon, and Goodreads. The 4 & 5 star reviews touch me, and help boost my confidence that I’ve chosen the right career. There’s nothing in the world I’d rather do. Even the 3 star and under reviews help me. I do my best to set aside my personal feelings and ego, to learn from what those reviews have to say. Most of the time there’s nothing I can do; in order for readers to love my books, some will have to hate it. However, now and then a review comes in that offers honest feedback and helps push me to the next level in my author career.

Regardless, I appreciate every single review from 5 star to 1 star, because it represents a reader who took the time experience my story, and was emotionally moved enough to leave feedback.

When you finish reading Ocean’s Dagger, please take a moment to leave a review with your thoughts, and know that I’ll read closely with the intent to learn from your insights.

Thank you in advance!

Discord Server:

For those who don’t know, Aconite Café (my publishing company) runs a Discord server. For those of us old enough to remember the early 90s internet, Discord is like a better organized message room, combined with a forum board.

Our Discord is a place for readers to hang out, but it’s also where I’m adding all of my ARC release information, and general updates. Don’t worry, this Newsletter will still be kept up to date, but if you find that you’re not always getting the email, or want to make sure you get access to my ARC links when they’re sent out, or be the first to see the book cover for Sorcerer’s Trial, you might want to join our Discord.

Personal Update:

I apologize for missing last weeks Tuesday Email, I fell behind on my production schedule. I value the open line of dialogue we have. You have my word, I’ll do my best not to miss another Tuesday.

I’m fumbling another ball, Sorcerer’s Trial, but I expect to hit my deadline next month. I’m planning to release on the 16th, and continue to release every month on the 3rd Tuesday. I have a deadline with my editor for the 22nd, this Friday. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll finish the first draft in time, but aside from today (Ocean’s Dagger launch day) I’m keeping myself sequestered in my office. Regardless I’ll be sure and update all of you on Tuesday.

The rest of the family is doing well, all things considered. I’m sure they’re ready for today to be over. I get a little stressed the week of releases, but we’ve found a great way to deal with it, walking. Saturday, we walked a total of 8 miles, and I’m proud to say we’ve not missed a single day this month. We hit at least 3 miles every day. If you suffer from stress, I highly suggest finding a trail in nature and go for a walk. After the first 10 minutes on the trail I can literally feel the tension in my shoulders start to melt away. From a creative side, I also find my best breakthroughs happen while I’m walking.

Tonight, we’ll eat a nice dinner together as a family, and then go for a walk, and I’ll be able to put this launch behind me. The one thing I can say for sure, is this launch is already looking better than Orphan’s Price, meaning I’m on the right path!

That’s in no small part thanks to you. I wish I could thank every single one of you personally, but this will have to do. Thank you for all the support and kind words.

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