Night Audit Wednesday June 1st, 2016

The good news is the internet is working. The bad news is it’s very slow. It’s just after 0:30. I’ll check back in on it after 2:00. I figure everyone in the hotel is online trying to stream Netflix. I’m still on my first cup of coffee and am just now getting started. The shift before me didn’t finish all of their duties so I had to wrap that up first. However, I am by myself all night so I should be more productive. If not, I only have myself to blame. I’ll shoot for 2,500 words and/or three scenes.

0:42 – It has begun. I’m at 129 words, but I’m out of coffee and could use a cigarette. Time for a break. Then fury typing to hit my goal.

1:15 – 709 words, and I’m out of coffee again. I’m starting to get that coffee buzz. I keep finding my leg bouncing without me noticing. Does anyone else ever get hit with sudden urge to pee when drinking coffee? For me it comes without notice. I think it must be what little kids feel like. When
you see them dancing trying not to pee themselves as they run to rest room. Time for me to run


1:41 – 921 words, finished the first scene of the night. That puts me at just over 36% of the way to my goal (For anyone else who’s a bit of number junky like me). I keep all sorts of spreed sheets. In fact, I find the whole process of making a spread sheet and filling it out calming. It’s almost like a meditation. I’m always trying to use numbers to make sense of the world around me. At some point I’ll share all my writing spreed sheets and breakdown how I made them etc… if that’s something someone is interested in.


4:14 – 3,978 words. Wow. That’s the only word I have to describe the past hour and a half. I’ve never zoned into my writing with such intensity before. My brain feels like an over fried egg. I wrote my normal nightly goal twice over and then some. This must be what it feels like when the muse shows up. I’ve written four scenes tonight. I still have plenty of time, but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll write any more. Regardless, I need a smoke break. 

5:35 – 4,004 words. I wrote two sentences. I’m not able to focus on the novel any longer. However, I know what to write next so tomorrow should be great. It’s raining again. With all this rain I feel like I’m back in Seattle. I do miss the smell of the pine trees and all the wild blackberries I could eat. I’m off work tomorrow so I’ll be online more. I should be able to get several more blog posts up so keep an eye out for those. 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 4,507
Novel – DWC: 4,004 TWC: 15,503
Blog – DWC: 503, One blog post.

Be sure and read the series on how I got to this point, Step One: Readdress Priorities

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