Night Audit Sunday June 5th, 2016

Woke up a tad late tonight, but still made it to work on time. I’m so pleased with only having a ten minute commute to work. I’ve never been able to get where I need to be that fast.

1:03 – Word count, 205. I’m running slow tonight. Still trying to wake up fully. I’m only on my second cup of coffee. I’m getting off social media and focusing!

1:53 – Word count, 1,257. Time for night audit. There are several guest who didn’t show up, so it will take longer tonight than normal.

2:11 – Done with night audit. Time for lunch and then back to grind stone. I think 4,000 words is an achievable goal again.

4:50 – Word count, 3,427. Writing is going well. One scene will need major work. I wasn’t able to see the setting clearly in my mind. I might need to rewrite the whole scene or even cut it entirely. It could be that I couldn’t see it, because my subconscious knows it doesn’t belong in the story. I’m not going to worry about it now. I’ve trained myself to just write. Keep putting words on the screen and don’t stop. Once the story is done I’ll have plenty of time to edit, and make as close to perfect as I can. I started writing again around 3:00, so that was nearly two hours straight of writing.

5:53 – Word Count, 3,847. Four scenes is a new record for me. I’ve still got an hour left of work, but I’ve hit my wall as far as writing. I’ve just stared chapter six. I think about 3,500 words is going to be my max for novel writing a night. I can live with that. It’s double what I had planned around when scheduling. Provided I can edit a chapter a day like I’ve planned I’ll make my deadline with time to spare. My professors would be shocked.

Weekly Word Count – 4,193 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 4,193

Novel – DWC: 3,847 TWC: 25,841

Blog – DWC: 346, One blog post

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