Night Audit June 8th, 2016

0:22 – Shit was crazy when I got to work. I just got done dealing with everything. About to start work on the novel. Goal is 4,000 words. I need to make up for the past two days. I’ve got plenty of energy, and I’ve not even had my first cup of coffee! Tonight is will be productive. I can feel it!

1:46 – Word Count, 1,055. Starting a new scene, but I’m going to wait five minutes and start night audit. I don’t want to get into a scene and then get pulled out by my alarm. I’m back on track. This job is 100 mph, and then dead stop. I like being able to get my work done in large chunks rather than doing a little bit of work constantly. Creates large chunks of time for writing. I’ve not been reading much the past few weeks because I don’t want other novels to influence mine. However, once I get to the editing stage I’ll go back to reading. I figure once I’m in the editing phase the story is done, it’s just going to be tightening up the plot and cleaning up my prose. I doubt I’ll be writing new scene. I will have to rewrite entire scene though, and maybe throw out a few. Kill your darlings! Time for lunch and night audit.

2:13 – Night audit is a total fucking mess. My GM is coming on at 7:00, so I’ll wait until then to talk to her. (Fingers crossed that it’s not on me. I doubt it is I’ve doing the exact same thing every night.) Last thing I want to do is call her at 2 in the morning. It can wait until she gets here. (Maybe one day of training wasn’t enough?)

4:05 – Word count, 2,006. Just finished a highly emotional scene. I can’t wait to hear the reactions to it. Lunch was amazing. Time has flown by. It’s going to be seven in no time at this rate. Didn’t even realize it, but I just broke the 30,000 word mark!

9:54 – Word Count, 2,778. Around 4:30 or 5:00, things kept coming up and I wasn’t able to sit down and focus on writing.

Weekly Word Count – 10,138 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 3,174

Novel – DWC: 2,778 TWC: 30,891

Blog – DWC: 396, One blog post.

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