Night Audit June 7th, 2016

0:06 – The owner of the hotel I work for stopped by. That was interesting. I feel ready to write, and no where near as tired as yesterday. I got a solid eight hours of sleep, and now I can hit ground running.

3:38 – Word Count, 1,304. The story is growing with subplots and side stories. It’s going to need some major revision. I dicked around for about two hours tonight not writing. However, I’m finally back on track. I’ve decided it’s allergies that are making me feel tired and sort of out of it. I’d take allergy medicine, but that stuff usually makes me feel even worse. It’s not even four so I have plenty of time. I’m going to set the goal of 4,000 and see what happens. (I know you can’t read this in the past, but wish me luck! I would so use time travel to watch great authors at work.) I no longer have to deal with breakfast in any way, so I’m good to write until 6:45, minus the occasional stop to help a guest.

I didn’t write when I got home. I took allergy pills and went straight to bed. Woke up feeling loads better, nearly at 100%.

Weekly Word Count – 6,964 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 1,536

Novel – DWC: 1,307 TWC: 28,113

Blog – DWC: 229, One blog post.

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