Night Audit June 6th, 2016

0:54 – Getting started late. There were several guests checking in late. I had to drink a Monster to wake up tonight. I’m staying up a bit to late during the day, but it’s hard to sleep when everyone else is up. Over all I slept well last night. Just would have liked to get more of it.

2:16 – Word Count, 712. Finished with night audit, and ate lunch a bit early. Only on my second cup of coffee. The Monster seemed to have worked. I’m wide awake, but not wired. Restructured the novel, to be more impactful and compelling. It’s urban fantasy, but I want it to feel real. Regardless, it should be entertaining, and maybe even insightful.

4:45 – I’ve spent the last two an a half hours watching TV. I attempted to focus on the writing, but it was giving me a headache. I feel like I’m back in school. Majorly sleep deprived and needing to focus on an assignment. I’m planing to go to sleep the moment I get home. Tonight has been a disappointment. I’ll have to take solace in the 712 words I manged to write. Between those and the great night I had yesterday, I’m still slightly ahead of schedule for the week.

6:21 – Word Count, 968. Manged to pull out a few more words. I’ll address when I get home.

10:15 – I’m going to bed early. I’ll get good rest and focus on writing tonight.

Weekly Word Count – 4,193 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 1,238

Novel – DWC: 968 TWC: 26,809

Blog – DWC: 270, One blog post. 

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