Night Audit June 4th, 2016

I didn’t write yesterday, so I need to hit it hard tonight. I spent the day with my family. We took our daughter to the park and watched the ducks. Apparently it’s mating season. There was this one female who was being held down three to four male ducks at a time, while one of the ducks had their way with her. In the hour we were at the park, I saw this happen about four times. She kept trying to run away, but never flew. I couldn’t tell if her wing was injured and that’s why she only ran. My life-partner and I decided she might have liked it. Needless to say, when it was happening, we would direct our daughter to another part of the park, away from the duck rape.

Our town has a farmers market every weekend, so we stopped by that as well. It was fairly small, but several people show up to check out the vendors wares. There were at least twenty people there looking around. It’s also close enough to the river that we could see it while we were shopping. 

2:16 – Finished Night Audit and sold an extra room. Word Count 629. Maybe a bit slow given that I’m here by myself. I shouldn’t have skipped a day of writing. I’ve set my goal at 2,500, but I’m aiming at 4,000 again. Thank you for reading this. Know that there are people out there rooting me on, really helps!

3:15 – Word Count, 1,348. Time to take a break for lunch. Well, tuns out I forgot to add the bread and mustard. I guess I have meat and cheese. I’ll have to look at what our snacks we have in our sundries section. Memo to self, pack lunch when I get home for the next day. Luckily, we had power bars.

4:59 – Word Count, 2,282. Tonight is just rocking along. I didn’t wake up until 22:05. I think I’ll keep that as my wake up time. It leave me just enough time to get ready for work, but not so much time that I’m sitting around waiting. Plus I can go to bed later in the day and spend most of the morning and early afternoon with my family. The person in charge of breakfast will be here every day that I’m here, so I’ll never need to worry about breakfast, which will leave me more time to write. I should have 2 am to about 6:30 uninterrupted every night. Plus what I can get done between 23:30 and 2:00. I’ve had three cups of coffee already. I’m going to cut myself off since this is basically my noon. Going to bed while everyone is in the middle of their day has been hard.

5:12 – I just received my first prank call. Who is up at five in the morning and thinks, ‘I should prank call a hotel?’ Children these days. I’m still sitting here laughing though. I was a child that prank called. Slow internet at work keeps me focused! I’m finding the silver lining you’re putting down ISP.

6:36 – Word Count, 3,679. I have to get ready to leave. I’ll try and write more when I get home, but no guarantee. I’m going to log it as is, and anything else I write will just give me a head start for tomorrow.

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 4,269

Novel – DWC: 3,679 TWC: 21,994

Blog – DWC: 590, One blog post. 

Weekly TWC Blog and Novel: 19,123

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