Night Audit June 14th, 2016

0:44 – Word count, 419. Not bad given that I’ve only been writing for thirty minutes. The hotel is insane. It took nearly an hour for the person working before me to wrap up and leave. I didn’t write a single word yesterday. I’ll need to make that up over the next few days. I need to find a place I can write at home. I keep the same schedule when I’m home. Waking up at 22:00 and going to bed around 15:00. However, I don’t have a good place to write at night when I’m home. 

1:57 – Word count, 867. Night audit is messed up to the point that I can’t run the reports. My GM won’t return my calls. I’m now stuck and have no idea how to resolve this issue. I’ve officially crossed my limit. When I get home, I’ll shower, put on some nice cloths, print out my resume, and go find a new hotel that needs a night auditor. With all the hotels in this city I’m confident I’ll find one that will want me and be willing to pay well. 

2:51 – Word count, 867. I’m eating lunch while I read the Austin American-Statesman. I’ve been reading the paper daily for almost a month now. It’s the first time I’ve read a physical paper consistently. I’m able to recognize the writing of some of the staffers, and can even envision some of the editorial decisions, based on how some of the sentences are structured. They seem to take the idea of remaining politically neutral serious. I think that’s an admirable goal. Especially since some of the writers come across strong right, and others strong left. (If you don’t read a daily paper, I would highly recommend subscribing to one.) I’ve always liked news, but reading a paper is different than online articles. I find it has a more conversational tone. As if I’m actively engaged with the writer of the article. 

Weekly Word Count – 3,943 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 2,724

Novel – DWC: 867 TWC: 33,392

Blog – DWC: 352, one blog post. 

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