Night Audit June 12th, 2016

1:24 – Word count, 783. I’ve only been at it for about an hour. The night started off a little crazy, and there have been more calls than usual. However, since about 0:40 it’s been quite. Unless night audit is a total mess again, I should be fine. I missed my weekly goal of 12,500 words last week, by 3,354. That would require me to write over 5,000 words tonight to make it up, so I doubt that will happen. However, over the course of the week, I only need 2,266 per day to hit this weeks goal and make up last week. I think that is achievable. I spoke with my GM on Friday about how the job has been. We agreed that I’ve had to take on more responsibility than anticipated, due to under performance of my coworkers. She has agreed to address that with them, but we also had our pay evaluation. That was scheduled for my 90 day review, but due to my performance exceeding all expectation she had, we basically had my 90 day review Friday. She’ll be in, in the morning. So I should have an answer then about what my raise will be, and also a plan of action for addressing the slack of my coworkers. Night Audit is in thirty minutes so I’m going to eat some food before then, rather than get into another scene.

2:31 – Running night audit. There was nearly a 50% mistake rate. I need a cigarette!

2:44 – Night audit took about 50 minutes. Most of which was fixing the fuck ups of my coworkers. I’m at my wits end with this shit. My GM needs to come back with a significant raise and clear plan of action on how to address this. When I started there were zero errors for the first two weeks. It’s only been since I’ve answered my GM’s questions about the performance of my co-workers that errors have started. Thus, I’m left to conclude that this is a retaliatory action. Making it illegal under employment laws. Now, I would never sue. I would win, but first I would have to spend a significant amount of time and money to do so. I have no interest in that. I do however, intend to either get paid accordingly, or find new employment. Enough bitching about my job. Time to work. Good thing I’m at a point were there is a lot of anger. Channeling life into my work is always best.

4:45 – Word count, 2,250. I’m on track to hit my goal and make up for last week. It’s getting a little hectic here, so it’s harder to write now.

Weekly Word Count – 2,724 

Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 2,724

Novel – DWC: 2,252 TWC: 33,392

Blog – DWC: 472, One blog post.

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