Night Audit July 12th, 2016

3:14 – Word count, 3,129. I didn’t write last night, but I did watch Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast about marketing and writing. Zach Bohannon was asked how he manged to work full time and also produce multiple novels a year. He explained that he set himself word count goals and scheduled writing time slots. When Joseph asked him if he ever ran into writers block, Zach Bohannon said he didn’t believe in writers block. He admitted there were a few days here and there where he didn’t write because he was burnt out, so he’d read or watch some TV. He claimed since he loved writing what he wrote, he was never blocked. He suggested that if someone is blocked to where they couldn’t write for several days, that person either didn’t truly want to be a writer, or they were writing the wrong thing.

The idea of writing the wrong thing really stuck with me. I figured since my cover art just came in I would be so hyped up that the words would just flow out. But, what I found was I couldn’t get more than a couple sentences in,  and then I’d stop. So this idea of writing the wrong thing came back to me. I read through what I’d written the past few weeks and looked at where my plot was, and needed to go. What I found was I’d created this odd side plot that was offering false promises. Since I wasn’t wanted to deliver on it I kept finding it hard to write the scenes. Long story short I cut out a subplot, and reworked another subplot by moving some major scenes around and rewriting to make them work chronologically.

Now the novel feels tighter and I think the character arcs will be highlighted better. Only down side is I lost some words in the novel. (About 4,500 I think it’s hard to be sure.) With the great word count that I’m at, I’m only about 1,500 words away from making up the holes. I think I just saved myself a lot of work come editing time though. Ever since my first novel, (Which will probably always stay in the trunk), where I would write a chapter – edit the chapter and write a new chapter; then edit two chapters and write a third, etc. etc. I’ve been a strong advocate of never edit as I write. However, I think this instance will prove to be the exception to the rule. At this moment the novel is at 43,087 words. Since I only log the word progress in the spread sheet, I might have to put my first negative number.

4:58 – Word count, 4,734. Total WC is 44,692. I’m back! I was able to make up the words I lost and then some. This is by far the most I’ve ever written. Count the fact that I manged to fix a major issue in my novel too, and any way you slice it tonight was a fucking great night! I feel high as a kite right now. With this momentum I’m sure I’ll be able to write more when I get home. But for now, it’s time to go make breakfast for 60+ people.

Blog – DWC: 560, one blog post. 


Daily Word Count, #DailyWC – 5,294

Novel – DWC: 4,734 TWC: 44,692

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