King of Swords

King of Swords

This is not the most positive of cards, but I’m willing to heed it’s advice.

Divinatory Meaning

Opposition; obey the laws.

“This card suggests a powerful, but stubborn, masculine influence who may be opposing you. In a new project, do everything exactly by the rules or you will lose. There may be a need for the services of an attorney.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


With my new writing project, it is very much a macho male genre. I suspect this card is telling me to focus on my genre tropes and make sure that I deliver on the core points they seek—else I will lose. This answers a question I had about a character trait I was introducing.

Action Plan

Moving forward I’ll double down on the tropes of the genre and make sure to get beta reader feedback from avid readers of the genre, rather than relying on my core audience. The genre is far enough removed from what I currently write that I should seek outside viewpoints.

I assume the advice that I need an attorney is in relation to my company’s future. Otherwise, I have no way to interpret it.

Unless I’m some how about to be sued and don’t know it. That would be a nightmare, but I know I’ve not done anything wrong so I’m sure an attorney would be able to clear that up for me.

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