Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Yesterday was a real success. I finished the new short story I’ll be giving away to highlight the new series, and I did it while sitting in the car when we went to Austin. However, the day was also stressful for non-writing reasons.

Divinatory Meaning

Restriction; fear.

“A turn of events or your own indecision leave you feeling bound and restricted. You are afraid to leave an unpleasant relationship or job. There is a possibility of illness.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


I can only assume this is a warning against thinking too much about strategy and not taking action. Just as characters within stories must protag, so too must I move forward. If I’m now progressing, I’m regressing, and the time for contemplation is over!

Action Plan

I’ve moved forward with a major contract that should bring massive positive news soon. (I’m starting to notice a pattern here, where I hint at changes that I can discuss openly yet. Sorry about that.) The change will be good for myself, the company, and my readers.

Today I’ll finalize what actions I can to solidify my progress, I’ll keep moving forward with the new series, and I’ll work on the edits for the old series. Another ten-hour day should put me on track to take a day off this weekend! And more importantly, to take it off without feeling guilty.

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