Editing Log December 17th, 2016

Editing Log December 17th, 2016

Novel Editing Sprints Breakdown:
Total fingers on the keyboard time: 3 hour and 5 minutes. Total words: 16,899. Words per hour: 5,480.

Editing Log:
16:15 – Editing is flying by today. I just knocked out an entire chapter in only 11 minutes! Granted it was clean to start with, but still I’m counting that as a win! I’ll hit my goal of finishing this pass by the 23rd. Only down side is I’ve not writing anything on the second novel in the past couple of days. I need to get at least a scene done, to keep the momentum and keep the story fresh in my mind.

21:26 – I use to hate editing. In fact I hated it so much that for years I refused to do it, and that’s one of many reasons it’s taken so long for me to get to this point in my career. I wasn’t able to get feed back from even friends and family because I was asking them to spend their time reading horrible first drafts. However, now that I’ve found a way to focus it’s going faster and I’m making serious progress. It also helps that I’ve had an editor go over this novel twice.

21:55 – I’m on such a roll, I just can’t bring myself to stop. I’m going to keep going until I’m tired and need to sleep. So far I’ve edited 12,205 words today. That’s five chapters, of the novel. I’ve only got about 60,000 words left to edit!

22:11 – Mark down another 471 words. By far my shortest chapter in this novel.

22:48 – I should note that my edits are basic line edits. I’m mostly focusing on word choice, and cleaning up some dialog tags. My hope is the novel will shed a few words, and become easier to read. I’m also fixing some repetitive words that might annoy some readers. In short, polishing up the novel for publication. Also, yesterday was my birthday so I took the day easy and didn’t edit that much. 

Editing Sprints:
Start: 14:44
Stop: 15:56
WC: 4,653

Start: 16:03
Stop: 16:14
WC: 2,646

Start: 16:19
Stop: 16:38
WC: 1,958

Start: 21:08
Stop: 21:26
WC: 1,909

Start: 21:30
Stop: 21:54
WC: 1,039

Start: 21:58
Stop: 22:10
WC: 471

Start: 22:15
Stop: 22:44
WC: 4,223

Total WC: 16,899

─ ─ ─
Nicholi A. K. Baldron
@NAKBaldron on twitter

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