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Early Edits & Free Books

Early Edits & Free Books Ocean's Dagger Update:

My wonderful editor sent back my manuscript ahead of schedule. While he found major issues—which I’ll fix this week—it means I’ll have the final copy for my Beta Readers early. I’m looking at a few long days of editing nonstop, but after that I’ll get back to drafting Sorcerer’s Trial.

I think the newest book is shaping up to be my best yet, but I’m also crazy excited to have you guys read Ocean’s Dagger. So many turns and reveals.

Personal Note:

My in-person author critique group shrunk again. This week we were down to 3 members, but I expect at least 1 one to return next week, bringing out total to 4. Not a large group, but just big enough to allow deep discussions about the novels. I’ve got them working on Aether Walker hoping to whip it into shape.

Took my daughter for her 7-year-old checkup, and they gave her a clean bill of health. We go Thursday for her CF clinic, and this will be her annual blood work visit. (Fingers crossed this is the year she doesn’t freak out about the blood draw.)

My girlfriend and I are probably the best we’ve ever been. We’re closing in on nine years, so that’s a big milestone. She’s a real gem all around, but especially when it comes to my writing career. Without her help, I’m not sure I’d be able to get everything done.

In short, this was a great week. Didn’t hit all my writing goals, but I’m also actively pushing myself to hit 5,000 words per day by the end of the year. Month over Month I’ve improved, and Year over Year, I’ve seen triple digit increases.

I’ve also been experimenting with some new dishes inside the Instant Pot, you can see more about that here.

Free Books:

To help hold you over I’ve setup giveaways for all these books. You can try to win one or all of them—just click the book image below.

I’ve started a daily exercise regimen. So far it involves me walking for thirty minutes plus, at a brisk pace. Hopefully I’ll add in light weight lifting next month. Slow and steady. I’m not trying to win any competitions, or run a marathon, but I’d like to lose another 10 pounds, and regain the flexibility from my youth. I’m not old, but I’m also not as young as I once was. Age is starting to show on my face, and I feel it in my bones on cold, rainy days.

As to the question of this email. I’m a huge digital reader. I buy hardbacks as collector items, but I prefer to read digital books. Especially when I read on my phone. The smaller page size allows me to read faster than a print page, and with modern technology I can use text-to-speech software. In effect turning any digital book into an audio book. This means I can keep reading while I’m driving, or walking around the park. No longer do I have to fit my reading time into my day. Reading time is all the time. 

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