Weekly Goals

I took yesterday off, or rather I took a half day. I did clerical work, and a little outlining, but I didn’t post anywhere. This daily log/journal is something I want to use to keep track of my progress over a longer period. Since I missed a day, I’ve been keeping notes in a journal that way the posts are, in essence, already written. It’s just a matter of sitting down to dictate and edit the notes into a publishable format.

Moving forward, I’ll ensure Sundays remain family days, and planning days. What I mean is sitting down for an hour Aconite Café powwow, with the rest of the day sat aside as time to spend with my daughter, and girlfriend.

Looking back at the calendar for the past 45 days, I’ve been putting in 12 to 14 hour per day—minus five days I took off. Meaning I averaged less than one day off a week while putting in 80+ hours a week. In short, I burned out a tad. But rather than doing what I’ve done in the past—which push through and burn out for weeks—I took a step back, relax and come back fresh.

I hope stepping away from work and my obsession with productivity will make me miss work and thus when I return I’ll be more productive than when I left.

Daily Physical Activity

RunningAs a writer I spend far too much time sitting in front of my computer. And while my profession is not the only one that deals with this problem, it’s nonetheless a serious problem worth addressing. I’ve implemented daily activity as part of my routine.

One reason I switched over to dictation is I can walk inside my house while recording myself. While this is not the physical activity I have in mind, it’s better than nothing, and it feels great to no longer be tied to my desk. Plus, getting up and walking around helps my brain work better allowing me to write faster and cleaner prose. Even the small amount of activity from walking around the house helps get the blood pumping and fights off loads of illnesses that result from a sedentary life style.


The studies are and in and the evidence is clear. Physical activity is a necessity for the human body to function. Without daily activity our bodies degrade, and what’s most concerning to me is the brain stops functioning properly first. A lack of physical activity can make us dumber. As I make my living off of my brain power, it’s of the utmost importance I take care of myself.

If you are familiar with nootropics, you’ll know the importance of keeping your brain healthy. I take a simple stack of 300 mg caffeine and 600mg L-Theanine dosed out in three servings over 4 to 5 hours after waking. I’ve found it keeps me sharp.

Back in July I gave up smoking, and losing nicotine resulted in a degradation in my performance. My nootropic stack works as a replacement. I considered getting a vaporizer to maintain the nicotine without the other chemicals often found in cigarettes, but my research highlighted concerns with the oils used in vaporizers. Giving up chemicals from cigarettes and replacing them with chemicals of a vaporizer didn’t make sense.

Upgrade to Dragon 15

The main reasons I didn’t get around to posting anything today, is I spent six hours upgrading from Dragon 13 to Dragon 15. The download and installation of the software wasn’t the problem, taking less than two hours. However, upgrading my profiles from Dragon 13 to Dragon 15 took an additional four hours. Not an insignificant amount of my day.

I have a high end computer but the profile upgrade process alone took up quite a bit of my processing power, which limited what I could accomplish while it ran in the background. Yet, even with half of my day taken up with upgrading Dragon 15, I made significant progress towards my writing goals.

Success_Go get it

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