Time for Relaxation

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I put productivity as my highest goal. Beyond my writing, I do my best to be productive in all aspects of my life. From educating my daughter, to cooking, and work. However, there’s one aspect of my life I’ve been neglecting—relaxation.

While productivity can be highly addictive, it leads to burnout if not managed. It’s important to set time aside to relax and recoup.

As an author, relaxation is essential to the process of allowing ideas to form. Without time for relaxing, new ideas can’t form, and the idea well can’t be filled. No matter how much we want to be productive, it’s just not possible to crank out a novel in a day.

Starting YouTube

I started a YouTube channel yesterday for Aconite Café. In the next month I’ll start a YouTube channel for myself. The plan for Aconite Café, is to use YouTube as an SEO boost on our posts. I’ll turn most of our blog posts into YouTube videos, that way people can listen rather than read, but it will also improve our search ranking and help more people find our posts.

For writing advice posts, I plan to continue posting those here my site. Aconite Café would like to take them for their site. I’ll create videos to go along with those posts and post them perhaps on my channel, but for sure on Aconite Café’s channel. That way it will locate the lists and writing advice on one channel.

Finalized Title

I finally decided on a title for the novel I’m working on, 7th Realm. Now that I’ve decided on a title I’m not confident it should be the novel title but rather of a series title. Therefore, I’m back to square one where I have to come up with a title.Fantasy Image

7th Realm works well as the book title, but it may work better as a series title. I have a couple months to decide, but I have to decide on a series title before I solidify 7th Realm as the book title. Regardless I have one of the two titles decided.

Titling works is one of those things, it’s best to not second-guess yourself, but it’s hard not to. My process is to look at the theme of my novel and try to pick a title that would work well with that idea in mind. I select titles that work as an aha moment when you reach a point in the novel.

I’ve always been a fan of reading books where the title is a quote from a pivotal scene in the novel. Titles that work as a kind of Easter egg, are a personal favorite of mine as a reader. I find those titles work best where the title doesn’t make sense until you’ve reached the end of the book and look back. That’s why I like 7th Realm as a novel title, but it works just as well as a series title, and it’s hard to keep up those aha moments throughout a whole series of titles.

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