Day 4 Momentum Train

Finished Outline

Today has been my most successful day of the year. There’s no other way to put it. I’m ashamed to admit it has taken until October for me to have my most successful day—a day I consider as a benchmark for future days—but there it is.

Today started with me finishing the outline for my new novel. I’m not ready to release the title, because I’m still debating if it’s the best one, but I will share it as soon as possible, and do so here first. I’m proud to have the outline done ahead of schedule, and I’ve already written 10% of the novel.

Outside Hobby

Last night as I was in danger of complete burnout. Which lead to me staying up way too late, which meant I also slept in late today. However, taking the extra time to recharge myself clearly payed off! If you’ve been following me you saw I didn’t post until late yesterday, in part from the burnout.

However, I found the learning opportunity or rather remembered, and it’s I need outside hobbies. As do you. I’m not a computer, I can’t work 24/7 despite all my best efforts to do so. Now and then I have to take a step back and do something I find rewarding outside of work. Last night was binge watching a documentary series. However, I have a daily hobby I try to engage in.



I don’t discuss this often because it doesn’t fit my ‘branding’ if you will, but now that I’m doing a daily journal post, I might start. I love cooking—unless I have a deadline or loads of work that’s pressing—in fact I do most of the cooking in the household. A couple months ago we purchased an Instant Pot, because I needed to free up more of my time to writing and research, and spend less time cooking. On average I spent an hour preparing a meal, and I did that twice a day.

Now I’m able to produce fantastic meals with about 15 minutes of my time, because the rest of the time the Instant Pot is cooking itself. It’s amazing the amount of time I reclaimed.

Instant Pot

I have found learning to cook in the instant pot to be rewarding. Being able to research new recipes and tweak them to my own tastes and discover little hacks to manipulate ratios and turn good food into great food—all of that excites me. I’ll spend hours reading online recipes and looking for something new to try.

Pinterst Instant PotWhile I still cook meals outside the instant pot, it has become my go-to cooking instrument. There are two main advantages to cooking everything in one part. Doing dishes takes less time, and everything can cook at the same speed so I don’t juggle three dishes simultaneously.

All in all this has freed up an immense amount of my time, but the main point for me is I have something new to learn and engage with outside of work. It’s just as important to play as work hard. I post my favorite recipes to my Pinterest instant pot board.

Continuing Education

Writing Advice_Continuing EducationToday I posted Writing Advice: Continuing Education, the synopsis is essentially, it’s important to learn how to learn before you begin learning. Put another way learn Meta-Learning. 

Success_Go get it

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