7th Realm Title

I’ve titled the first book of the 7th Realm series, An Orphan’s Price. The whole series will fall under the 7th Realm title, but I’d like to do something like Raymond E. Feist—create mini series within the larger story of the world. The first set will be five books, and I’m thinking I’ll include ‘Price’ in each title to link them all together.

Now that I have a title, I need to get covers made up.

Pulling Further Ahead

I gained another ¼ of a day, meaning I’m now 2.25 days ahead of schedule. I also rough drafted another chapter, but my girlfriend’s two brothers came to town. I’ll keep up with the novel and not break my chain of success, but I might skip the daily posts, or make them super short.

Nootropic Stack Redesign

I need to tune my balance. The caffeine and L-Theanine works, but I’d like to push for better. During my work day I’ve stopped eating which improves the efficiency of the coffee, but I can do better. I’ll keep you updated as I test new substances. I’ve added cayenne pepper which works to boost my concentration when I’ve feeling burnout.

Success_Go get it

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