Day 2 New Project and Dictation


Yesterday was a complete success. I put out DAY 1 blog post and outlined part of a new book. Today—so far—I’ve finished Joseph Sugarman’s book The Adweek Copywriting Handbook. It was a tad bit dated, but overall informative. The first half was informative, but by the second half of the book everything went downhill.

I think a large part of that has to do with his experience going way back to the 70s. Perhaps he has less experience with what it takes to sell in today’s online economy. The examples he gives aren’t that relevant, but all the theory behind how to write copy holds true online as it does in print.

Therefore, everything I learned should apply to writing blurbs for my books, along with ads for Amazon and Facebook. Which—at the end of the day—was the main point of reading the book. I looked forward to using what I learned on a new ad campaign, and also in posts.

Dragon Dictation

As I mentioned yesterday, I started using Dragon Dictation again. I bought the software about two years ago, so I’m using Dragon 13. Yesterday when I uploaded my recording for transcription I found out I have to upgrade to Dragon 15 now. Which is a little disheartening since they want another $100 for the upgrade. The original software wasn’t the cheapest. I don’t remember the exact price I paid. Whatever happened to the day when you bought software and it would last until the next generation of operating system came out?

All of that aside, it doesn’t matter because Dragon Dictation has improved my writing speed fourfold. I’m able to first draft at 3,200 words per hours. Which includes the pauses to think of the next sentence or paragraph. To help put that in perspective, I can type at about 1,200 words an hour. The only downside to the increased speed, is it takes longer during the editing process. However, that may be a good thing if the end result is a better product.

New Microphone

I should be able to resolve the longer editing process by purchasing a new microphone. With a new mic I can fix Dragon as I upload voice recordings, by going through the draft and updating words on my profile, that Dragon gets wrong. My accuracy should improve to the 98% to 99% accuracy. From what I’ve read upgrading to Dragon 15, should also improve accuracy. Towards that end, I need a new microphone, most likely a Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic in the vivid blue color. I’m a sucker for blue.

The mic will be useful for Dragon Dictation, but I’m also considering it because I’m considering podcasting. For sure I’m starting YouTube next week. The plan is for me to create informative videos for Aconite Café. While I’m at it, I might do these daily posts as a blog and a vlog.

Also, with a new mic of that caliber, I can get started on audio books. I can go back through all my books and turn them into audiobooks that way I can have at least one version uploaded until I can afford a professional. I’m not crazy, I know that there is a lot of work that goes into editing audio to create a professional grade audio book, but I think I can make a minimal viable product. Who knows, maybe my audience would prefer to hear my voice on the audiobook?

Website Update

On my homepage I added a progress bar to track my new projects and hold myself publicly accountable. I’ve gone back to my old projects and found a truck novel to work on again. It was something I put aside when I started Aether Walker, but I think it will be even more successful. I don’t want to go into too much detail at the moment, but I’ll share more about the novel in future posts.

Great Weekend

All in all, this weekend was a huge success. This afternoon I have to pick up my daughter from her grandmother’s. Having the weekend definitely improve my productivity. It’s a lot harder to start a new project when I’m looking after the child.

Time to get back to work so I’ll have something to write about on DAY 3.

Success_Go get it

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