I’m not hung over from drinking, but rather from yesterday’s workload. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I haven’t posted a daily log the past four days. What’s more concerning is I’ve not been working on my novel the way I should.

alcohol-art-bottlesYesterday I changed all of that—got to work—and drafted over 10% of the novel in one day. That’s a huge accomplishment for myself. I took time to map out my lunch strategy for this new series. The title still needs work. I’ll use Seventh Realm as the series title, but I’ve not decided on a novel title.

New Expectations

These daily posts have become daunting. I keep daily notes in my physical journal, but when it comes time to write them for publication, I run into resistance. I felt the posts need to be of a certain caliber. I’ll no longer worry about structure and length requirements. Instead, I’m just going to write posts as fast as possible and publish.

These posts are mostly for myself to look back and see progress. But, I’d also like to give other aspiring writers an inside look at what it takes. I know when I started out, I would’ve killed to read a log of an author I followed. My hope is others will learn from my experiences and skip the detours I’ve taken.

Success_Go get it

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